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LoL and Food Truck Festival

The kids and their parents had different plans for last Friday evening.

The boys had tickets for the "League of Legends" World Championship.
League of Legends is a strategy online game, in which teams of five compete against each other. In some cases, the world championships easily sell out complete football arenas in which visitors cheer to their favorite teams. On top of that, up to 15 million people watch online, which makes it as popular as the best NBA games.
This years group stage took place in San Francisco in the last two weeks

and the boys wanted to attend an evening live. There were around 4000 visitors at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.
The finals will be in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

Our evening was dining in the first place :-) . We chose a food truck festival, a hyped collection of food trucks on the bay in San Francisco.

All of the trucks were looking tasty and we had a hard time to decide. As the American way of dining had an impact on us, we were to decide:
Sexy Fries with an Indian touch (really tasty):

Chinese dough balls stuffed with chicken, shrimps or vegetable:

Sweet doughnuts and cronuts as dessert. Lemon/mascarpone and chocolate_

The last was a burger with rice-bunny instead of dough, which is quite a hyped meal around here

it was not exactly tasty for us and we gave a better part of it away.
Waste recycling is a big thing around here, and to make sure, everyone does it right, there is a guardian(!).

As it was getting dark and there was no fog, we went up to Twin Peaks:

(unfortunately an iPhone camera cannot do real nice fotos, this one is one of the best we have?

And visiting the Bay Bridge, where an artist installed a moving light:

and the skyline of San Francisco Downtown is right in your back:

Around 11pm we parked ourselves in front of the venue and waited for our kids to be finished and tired to go home.
The game was available via live stream on my smartphone so I followed it a little bit:

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