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Trevor Noah

Late-Night Comedian Trevor Noah not only hosts his late night show on TV but he is on tour with a stand-up comedy on stage.
We follow his programme since a while and once we learned about the event we got tickets for his San Francisco show.
Going to the city on a Saturday evening doesn't provide empty streets or easy parking, of course.
As parking can set you back for hefty amounts of money, there are a few apps allowing planning ahead, which parking structures make sense to target and which rather not. We were lucky and scored a parking spot at a parking structure for $15 flat rate which is quite a bargain .
It was located close to "Pearl's Deluxe Burgers" which sells great burgers (in case you love them) and the "Masonic", where Trevor Noah would be, is just a few blocks away.
These "few blocks" turned out to be a little bit more of a workout with the San Francisco hills in the way:

The Masonic is an impressive theater:

And with the event being sold out, it didn't stay that empty of course.
Trevor Noah comes from South Africa and one of his topics is the racial split between Black and White and in current times he talks about President Trump quite a bit.
After an entertaining evening we stopped by a small corner store to get us stocked with water and sodas for the way home. It didn't take the shop owner long to overhear us talking German and so we did some chit-chat on Trevor Noah, the actual White House Administration and that the shop owner's dad originally came from Hamburg.
So another experience showing how far away the locals are from American politics and how often you stumble into locals "somehow" having connections back into Germany.
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