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Shake it!

We always knew San Francisco and California's Pacific Coast is an earthquake area.
There are small earthquakes almost on a daily basis happening in the Bay Area. Usually they're pretty weak, deep down in the ground or too far away for us to feel them.
Last week at night, there was a stronger earth quake, which we got to feel at home. We were awake around 2am and earth started to shake and the house started to rattle. A few minutes later, the Earthquake App confirmed, what we were thinking:

It was slightly more than 40km from our place and was a 4.7M. App and webpage calculated a 4.4M at our place.
Dangerous quakes have a magnitude of 6 and above so, there is not much happening. The only news we read was about some groceries falling from a supermarket shelf in the East Bay :-) .
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